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Welcome to our affiliate program

To participate in our affiliate program you must be an active customer and register the program on this link, we believe that the best way to refer us is to show the world how cool Treeala is.

Everyone can win, win, win in 3 simple steps

treeala affiliate program discount coupon

Share your affiliate link, you can even save your link in your digital card

treeala affiliate program discount coupon

For each purchase or renewal your referral makes you will earn a 20 without limits of amount or time.

proceeds from treeala's affiliate program

Use the money you earn to renew your subscription, pay your rent or go on vacation, you decide

Participate in our affiliate program

Withdrawing your winnings is as easy as sharing

illustration of treeala's affiliate program

Reach a minimum of $100 accrued to withdraw cash, as long as you don’t reach that amount, you can always use it to pay for your subscription.


You must issue us an invoice for the value you are withdrawing and add VAT to it if you are in Spain. From any other country a simple invoice is valid.​


Tell us your bank account number or PayPal mail, we will send you the money in the next 24 hours.

Are you ready to win, win, win?

Ready, Set, Treeala


If you miss any questions contact us

What is sharing and winning?
Share and win is Treeala’s affiliate program,with which you can pay for your subscription or simply earn recurring income by recommending to your friends, family and colleagues the use of our business card as an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to traditional business cards.
What do I need to do to sign up for the affiliate program?

You simply have to buy and activate your first business card as soon as you do, you will automatically get the link to sign up, share your affiliate link you’ll find on your dashboard, family members and colleagues to get 20 of everything they buy or renew, plus if they sign up for the program through your link, you’ll also earn a 20 of their commissions.

How much can I earn on my recommendation?

It will depend entirely on you, we pay a 20 commission of all those who spend your referrals periodically and also a 20 of what the referrals of your referrals buy, if it joins the program through your invitation. Example, you mean Juan who buys 100 euros, Juan registers in the program for his affiliate link and refers to Luis who buys another 100 euros, Luis refers to Paul who buys 100 euros as well..

You will receive 20 euros for that direct purchase of Juan this earns 20 euros for the purchase of Luis. 

You will receive additional 4 euros for the purchase of Luis, that is, the 20 of Juan’s commissions, you do not receive commissions for the purchase of Pablo because we only allow two levels of commissions.

How long does it take to pay the commissions?

For security and to cover us for possible returns our affiliate program will keep commissions withheld for a certain time, depending on the payment method:

For transfer payments 15-days
For cards payments 30-days
For direct debit payments 100 days

If you’re not going to reference more than a couple of customers a year, you won’t care because you can use the money to pay for your subscription or part of it.

For those who see it as a business opportunity, once they have a queue of customers they will see how they will see commissions unlocking month by month.

What happens in the case of returns?

Once a commission is as available it means that or there is any risk of return, this is why we mark these times. If within that time a customer decides to return a purchase the commission will be deducted.

Is the affiliate program free?
Yes, we do not charge anything to use the affiliate program, the only thing we require to pay fees is that you be an active user with at least one card to be able to access it, since we believe that the best way to show how our cards is cool is to show how it works to your friends, family and colleagues.
What should I do to refer a friend?

Once you sign up you can check your affiliate link from your affiliate dashboard, although it is not mandatory, we recommend you to put this link on your business card, the 90 of the customers ask how you obtained your card, if the link is saved on their mobile is easier than between referred by you, once you visit it, automatically that user will be married to you in the system, any purchase or renewal that makes for life will report a 20 commissions.

Is there any limit in quantities or time for my commissions?

There is no limit, unlike most affiliate programs in the market, where you earn a percentage of the first purchase of your referral, in Treeala, you will earn unlimited commissions for life while your referral is with us. Let’s do the following exercise:

In 2020 you referred to 100 cards worth 2100 euros that I commission you 420 euros/p>

You made exactly the same 100 cards for 4 more years and no longer promoted our business cards, but your referrals remained on the platform. Well:

In 2020, you collected $420
In 2021 you collected 840 euros
In 2022 you collected 1260 euros
In 2023 you collected 1680 euros
In 2024 you collected 2100 euros

At this point each year that you have referenced 100 more cards, your profits increased, but in addition, if those 500 business cards remain active 10 years plus 0 30, even if you do not continue to reference more users, you still generate 2100 euros of annual passive income for life, this without the commissions that come for the referrals that join the program.

How do you pay commissions?

By bank transfer to any European Union account or payPal.

How can I promote Treeala?

You may use any physical or digital means to promote our business cards without restriction beyond posing as a seller, salesperson, worker or any other affine that intends to accredit you as a member of our organization. This includes using words as a consultant, certified by, endorsed, etc.We reserve the right to indefinitely block any commissions resulting from these malprays.