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You never have a second chance to make a good first impression to your customers!
Treeala, the best digital business card.
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You never have a second chance to make a good first impression to your customers!
Treeala, the best digital business card.
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Are the cheap business cards really cheap if you end up in the trash? In our virtual tour you will learn about the uses of our smart business card  and we will explain the advantages of the digital transformation , say good buy a that packages in your pocket, with Treeala you will have the only card that you will have to carry with you and that never ends.

deliver your business card to your customer
your customer receives your business card
What problems
do we solve?

Don’t waste your business cards anymore.Surveys reveal that 92 users throw away business cards before saving your contact on their mobile, Treeala allows you to save all your data in 3 clicks.

The WOW effect on every first contact

Impress your customers when they ask for your business cards, just zoom in on your Treeala Card and your contact will be where it should be, recorded on your customer’s mobile.

Swap your cheap business cards for smart cards

Did an employee quit?

You no longer need to search for cheap business cards on the internet, use it and change weeks to seconds to edit the contact in our system Without costs!

The WOW effect on every first contact

Impress your customers when they ask for your business cards, just zoom in on your Treeala Card and your contact will be where it should be, recorded on your customer’s mobile.

deliver your business card to your mobile customer
your customer receives your mobile business card

The problems we solve

Don’t waste your business cards anymore.Surveys reveal that 92 users throw away business cards before saving your contact on their mobile, Treeala allows you to save all your data in 3 clicks.

Swap your cheap business cards for Treeala
saves with digital business cards

Save time
and money

You don’t need a designer, printer or any other intermediary to create new cards, you can be sharing the digital version of your card in minutes.

your business cards on your mobile

Without download
Any app

Unlike other solutions on the market, neither you nor your customer will need to download any application, everything is hosted in the cloud and access is your smart card. .

treeala digital business cards
Don’t ever go back to
forget your cards

Forgot to have cards printed for an event? Did you leave them at home? Treeala is the only card you’ll have to carry with you that never ends, that never happens to you again.

What solutions do we provide?

When we talk about digital transformation , each of the tools we use must serve a specific purpose, business cards should be an instrument that allows us to deliver our contact details to our customers. The problem with traditional business cards is that since the advent of Smartphones, the management of our contacts is no longer in a cardholder full of cheap business cards, nor our data are limited only to name, address and phone as was formerly done. With Treeala you will not only be able to deliver all your contact details in a simple way, but also be where they should be, recorded on your client’s mobile in seconds. These are some of its main advantages:

visit treeala business cards

A picture equal thousand words

You will be able to record your logo or professional photo on your client’s mobile. It’s an excellent branding action that every time you call your client not only see your name but also your brand.

share your business card with your customers

Share your card in each email

Studies reveal that 85 emails are opened from mobile devices, from now on your customers will be able to download your contact directly from the signature of your email.

Treala is your best branding and digital transformation tool

Your best branding ally

Any business card supports so much information until now. Your customers will be able to visit your profile and decide to follow you on your social networks directly from their phone.

digital transformation reaches social media with treeala
*Watch your employee’s visits
With Treeala you will be able to see graphs of your employees to know how many visits they have had in real time, in addition you can evaluate the most visited months and the peak days of these visits.
the most eco-friendly business cards on the market

*Tell the world who green is your company

We count the cards you deliver and transform them into trees your company save and Co2 savings so you can share it on social networks at all times. Now more than ever more and more people are worry about the informant.
smart business card for your business

Feel like
James Bond

Treeala is a business card like no other, you can surprise your customers in every first contact, you will see how they love the feeling that you are using new technology. You can amaze every customer en every first contact

*These 2 features will be available from 2021, get up to 50% lifetime discount and get all future features.

How does it work?

Treeala is a card with NFC technology and QR code that hosts your contact details in the cloud, this virtual card can also be shared in the email signature, on social networks or even from your mobile without the need for the physical card, without having to have you or your client download any APP, deliver it is very simple:


Zoom in on your smart card with NFC or read the QR code, send an email with your new signature, etc.

It will redirect you to a website where your card is digitized.
Click download contact and done! all your data will be recorded on your client’s mobile.


Just for our release and for a limited time receive up to 50 off your subscription, become one of our early adopters and keep that lifetime price including all the improvements that are to come.


Subscribe now and get all the present and future features of our business cards, you’ll get a 50 discount on the Enterprise plan while you keep your subscription.

Digital cards

It is the only cost you will pay annually and all you need to share your contact, the digital card brings a semi-personalized design in the landing where the customer will be 5 seconds downloading your contact, once downloaded, all your data is 100 personal on the customer’s mobile.


Available Now!

  • Semi-personalized digital business card
  • Share your contact without the need for the physical card
  • Email signature, your Treeala travels in each Email.




Available in early 2021

  • Everything included in the Startup plan and also:
  • View statistics by user, year, month, and day.
  • Statistics of saved trees and carbon footprint




Available at the end of 2021

  • Everything included in company plans in addition to:
  • App to scan cards and upload them to Treeala Admin
  • Synchronize your data with the main CRMs in the market




Customizations are separate products that do not bring any functionality to the card that your client downloads, get the design of the digital card with a subscription greater than 50 users, from 100 we also give you design and printing of physics. If you want to print the physical card uncustomized, you can use our semi-custom model and only pay for printing.

Digital card design

You will have a unique design for landing where your client will download your contact



Physical card design

We’ll customize your physical card design, and we give you the design of the digital card for free.



Print the physical card

You’ll be able to use Treeala even without battery on your Mobile using our NFC and QR card


Per card


If you miss any questions contact us

What is Treeala?

Treaala is the re-evolution and digital transformation of your traditional business cards. With it you can make sure that all your contact details, where they should be, recorded on your client’s mobile instantly and at the same time you will be helping to reduce paper use in your company.

What is the difference between physical and digital cards?

Digital business cards are those that are downloaded directly to your customer’s mobile. These are always entirely personalized and with a single click the customer will have all your data: logo, company name, title, first and last name, phone, email, website, address, social networks, etc.

Physical cards are the means your customers will hallucinate by sharing that digital card and demonstrate your company’s digital transformation.

What does digital card customization include?

Digital cards, in addition to your name, title and logo, have generic green colors, not so much related to our brand but how eco-friendly they are, there your client will be seconds to download the card or read the QR, but if you want to take your experience to another level of customization we can create a template exclusively designed for your brand for a one-time payment of 300 euros, , from an order of 50 cards, customization is free.

Is it important that my physical business cards are customized?

The personalization of cheap typical business cards is obviously framed on the card, where you’re limited to the amount of information you can share, if we talk about Digital transformation,the greater weight and customization of your business cards will be in the cloud, where your client can download it directly on their mobile, with much higher level of customization and information to be displayed. Under our system your client will just see the physical card for a few seconds while the digital one is downloaded, which if it will remain permanently where it should be, saved on your client’s mobile. We’ve still created a customization option for those users who want the best of two worlds.

Do I need the physical card?

Not at all, you can share it by all means without the need for our smart card even the QR that includes the Physical card is on the digital card. But what’s cool about james Bond when you share your contact?

If an employee resigned, should I purchase a new card?

 Not at all, you only need to suspend that card if you want its data to not be accessible while you are doing the new hire. When you want you will be able to edit the details of this contact, reactivate it and automatically that same card can be used by the next employee. It’s as simple as that.

Who can I share it with? Do you need an app?

 You can share it with anyone! Your Treeala Card can be shared with all the mobiles that you can access using NFC technology and / or QR code reading (which are the vast majority today) without having to download any application. For older mobiles you can share it via SMS, Whatsapp, or any other social network.

Will I still need paper cards?

At Treeala we are committed to the digital transformation of your company but it is totally up to you. Our goal is to remove paper cards and create a more efficient and impactful way to share your contact while helping to reduce tree felling. Most of our users report that after sharing their card three times, they can’t even think about using paper cards again. However, we understand that each person is different and that you can always take some with you “in case you meet someone who doesn’t have a cell phone.”

Why is it a unique solution?

We are pioneers in applying NFC and QR technology to visit cards.

We create a digital card that is hosted in the cloud, where there will be multiple data that you want to share with your customers. And this data can be shared from your physical card or from digital media (signature of e-mail, social networks, etc). Digital cards can be edited in real time and automatically synchronized with all the links you have shared and with your physical card, we call this digital transformation.

Why do they charge extra for custom physical cards?

Because you will have at your disposal our design team to help you in an exclusive design that fits your brand image. Additionally as the cards are manufactured in series, we need to manufacture a minimum of cards in each order.For both reasons, from an order of 100 cards, we offer this service for free. And if the order is lower, we offer it for as little as 300 euros. If on the contrary you feel identified with our design we recommend semi-custom cards, without added costs, with which you will share on one side our logo and colors and on the other side will be your logo, name and charge.

If I lose a card do I have to pay for the full subscription?

No, if you lose a card or the employee I quit does not return it to you, you only have to edit the data to those of the new professional and request the reprinting of the card, the cost is only 10o one-time payment and this covers the new card and the shipment. You can also share your contact by all digital means.

Are customization and printing charges recurring?

Not at all, they are one-time charges that we get no benefit from other than giving you the most personalization experience, are features that bring nothing more than a more personalized branding experience of the card, but the customer will really see it only seconds, so it will depend entirely on how much you want to make your Treeala yours.

How can I share my contact?

You can share it with your smart card, from the QR presented on the physical card, your signature of your email, SMS, Whatsapp and even Slack, Trello, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any messenger pigeon that can carry a URL.

Because it's a smart alternative to cheap business cards?

And you should ask yourself, are cheap business cards really cheap? Surveys reveal that 92 people throw away business cards before they have kept the contact on their mobile. If we talk about targets. The main purpose of your business cards is for your customer to keep your contact details. Let’s imagine that you share 500 cheap business cards worth 20 euros, 40 cards will have actually fulfilled their purpose of being stored on your client’s mobile according to surveys. You would need 12.5 lots of 500 cards worth 250 euros to fulfill the same purpose as with Treeala spending as little as 21 euros at 30 euros. That’s a smart saving!

Will you spam my contacts or sell my data?

We do not tolerate Spam and do not sell your data. While other platforms use advertising to generate revenue, Treeala doesn’t. Our goal is to improve your personal and company brand. Our monetization services reflect this approach by adding more and better ways to make your brand stand out.

Can I create multiple cards/languages?

 Yes. Although in principle the only data susceptible to language is the charge, you can create as many cards as you want and manage them separately, in all languages so you can share your Treaala Card with people in your native language.